Virtual cruise on the Queen of Polish Rivers. The first images of Google Street View

Virtual cruise along the Queen of Polish Rivers. The first images of Google Street View

The project is being carried out by the WWF Poland Foundation. It aims to show the raw beauty of Krolation of Polish Rivers and the fight to preserve the Vistula riverbed in its intact, natural form. Thanks to the Google Street View project, the beauty of the Vistula will be available to everyone.

The virtual cruise on the Vistula will be carried out using a special Google Trekker backpack. It will be installed on a boat, whichora will cross the Vistula River in Poland. The backpack has 15 cameraoIn directed in roThe Vistula River is a poorly regulated river, with the help of whichor which spherical images can be taken. This will create 360-degree panoramas.

The Vistula riverbed includes reserves, landscape parks, Natura 2000 areas, areas of protected landscape or ecological utilities. There are a total of 54 protected areas on the Vistula River. The Vistula is a poorly regulated river, which has allowed it to retain many of the area’soin breeding terns or gulls. They are mostly found on sandy islands, whichore not preserved on other European rivers.

– The Vistula is a unique river, Krolowa of Polish and European Rivers – deserves the name because long stretches of the Vistula have retained many features of a natural river. PoroOnly one other major European river, the Loire in France, has retained a comparably high degree of naturalness. The project to photograph the Vistula River with a Google Trekker device is intended to show the beauty and naturalness of this river, and above all to raise awareness of Krolowa of Polish Rivers is an asset of each of us and everyone should take care of it – explained Przemyslaw Nawrocki of the WWF Poland Foundation.

– Street View images are not just about photographing cities or virtual tours of museum sites, they are roalso capturing the beauty of nature. With this, Google Maps becomes an online atlas and guide to the world with almost unlimited possibilities. For example, you can go on a virtual rafting trip on the largest rivers: Amazon in the middle of the jungle, or the Colorado River and the Grand Canyon. For campaigns like WWF Poland’s protection of the Vistula River, it is the best tool to show the whole world how beautiful rivers we have in Poland and a chance to preserve this unique view for future generations – Piotr Zalewski of Google Poland told the WWF website.

Sourceobackground: WWF Poland, fot. CC BY-SA 3.0 en/Adrian Grycuk/Wikimedia Commons