The viatovid will be launched into space in April

Swiatowid will be launched into space in April

Next April, the Svyatovid satellite will already be after all the tests. It will fly to the International Space Station and from there be launched into orbit,” said SatRevolution CEO Grzegorz Zwolinski.

Swiatowid is the first commercial satellite in Poland. – It was completely developed in Poland, based on Polish technological thought, from the on-board computer to the entire structure,” SatRevolution CEO Grzegorz Zwolinski told PAP.

It has dimensions of 20 x 10 x 10 cm. Thanks to the technology used, the Swiatowid will mohead to take pictures in visible light, which will enable observations of rising inod, air condition, weather changes.

The satellite underwent tests in late September in a temperature-pr chamberożniowa. – It was exposed to low temperatures and extremely high temperatures, from minus 65 degrees Celsius to about. plus 120 degrees Celsius,” said SatRevolution development manager Tomasz Pozniak.

Work is being carried out, whichoThe spherical images allow to assess the performance of the satellitesolnych modulesoin the satellites, whether there was any physical damage to them.

– We will have to run the same tests again and we will move on to the testoin vibration, a poThe source of the testoin EMC electromagnetic compatibility,” Zwolinski said.

Vibration tests are carried out to see if the satellite will survive launch into space aboard a carrier rocket. In other words, Swiatowid’s path to low Earth orbit is simulated.

Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) tests, on the other hand, involve verifying that a launched satellite, with its radio turned off, does not interfere with theothose activities of other instrumentsoin located on the International Space Station (ISS). It should be noted, however, that for the first poł hours after the nanosatellite is taken out into space from the ISS, radio communications with the satellite will have to remain absolutely switched off.

– The tests are a requirement not only of the company, whichora the satellite is carrying, but also NASA, since our Swiatowid will be flying out of the International Space Station,” explained the president of SatRevolution.

If everything pogo as planned, the device will be thoroughly checked m by April next In terms of mechanical, electronic.

And this will mean that in April Swiatowid will fly to the international space station and from there will be launched into orbit.