Doctors have developed a novel technique for treating brain aneurysms

Doctors have developed a novel technique for treating brain aneurysms

The brothers from Wroclaw have developed a novel technique for treating brain aneurysms. Their method was on the lips of the entire medical world and made it to the pages of a prestigious journal "Interventional neuroradiology".

Two doctors from the University Clinical Hospital in Wroclaw – Radiologist Dr. Marcin Miś and his brother neurosurgeon Dr. Maciej Miś – They performed a pioneering operation on a 34-year-old patient, whoorego situation was hopeless. The method developed by them saved the man's life.

A 34-year-old with a diagnosed aneurysm mozgu was disqualified from treatment due to complex morphology – the shape of the aneurysm, its location and the fact that there were three arteries from the aneurysm to the left poThe brain aneurysmozgu. This is a very rare case. Treatment by the traditional method would have deprived him of blood supply to the left polkuli mozgu, which would have led to a stroke.

The patient was transferred to Teddy Brothers for observation to evaluate the aneurysm. – We got new equipment. Several techniques were available to us, but we came up with our own. We combined available methods into one. We modified the equipment with cottage industry methods. We performed the procedure reconstructing all arteries taking the aneurysm out of circulation. The patient survived without any deficitsoin neurological. He feels well and functions normally. The aneurysm is excluded from circulation, and the arteries are unobstructed, and this is what we wanted – said Dr. Marcin Mis in an interview with Radio Wroclaw.

– The technique is proprietary. We applied it only to this one patient. We showed this aneurysm on roWe've had a number of consultations and congresses and no one has mohead pomoc. But after the operation, everyone looked on in disbelief that something like this could be done. And we are pleased and the patient and the medical community – admitted the doctor.

The whole treatment actually consisted of dwoch surgery. The first was performed in February 2016, and the second in May of this year. The surgery was performed without opening the patient's skull, which would have been the case if traditional techniques had been used. Doctors reached the m with a catheteroof the thigh through the femoral artery and thusob performed a pioneering procedure.

After the presentation of the technique at an international congress, it turned out that no one had used such treatment before. The technique has been named "Teddy Bear Technique" from the name of the two brothers. – Someone at the congress used such a phrase and it caught on – explained the head of the Radiology Department of the University Clinical Hospital, Professor Marek Sasiadek.

– We didn't realize that the technique we developed would go down in medical history as a name derived from our name. This is how our foreign colleagues came up with it, and now we are very happy," said Dr. Marcin Miś in an interview with PAP. The brothers' method has already been used successfully by doctors in Germany.

Dr. Marcin Miś is an employee of the Department of Radiology of Ogolnvasive, Procedural and Neuroradiology. His brother Dr. Maciej Miś works in the Department of Neurosurgery at the University Clinical Hospital in Wroclaw.