Jagiellonian University among the most innovative universities in Europe

Jagiellonian University among the most innovative universities in Europe

Ranking of the 100 most innovative European universitiesow is created by the Thomson Reuters agency. The list is compiled on the basis of an analysis of scientific publications and patent data from 2010-2015. Jagiellonian University moved up two positions from last year’s ranking and ranked 90. site.

„The publication of the ranking was preceded by a particularoThe university’s analysis by indexoin determining the innovativeness of the institution. The methodology includes m.In. number of patentow registered with the World Intellectual Property Organization, the ratio of patent applications to grants, the percentage of patentow of international scope (patent filing in several countries, especiallyolnie in the U.S. or Japan indicates the high implementation potential of the invention), the total number of citations related to patents, an indicator on the analysis of the impact of the patent on the further development of theoj research. An important factor is also the total number of articlesoin dot. inventionoin magazines, as well as the rate of dot. wspolnych articleoin scientific units in the coocooperation with industry” – reads the Jagiellonian University website.

The winner of the Reuters ranking was again KU Leuven, a Belgian university thatorego research spending in 2015 exceeded 454 millionoin euros. Followed by British universities Imperial College London and the University of Cambridge. Oprocz of them in the top ten were universities from Germany, Switzerland, the Netherlands and France.

The results in the ranking reflect the country’s economic positionow, of whichohe universities approach. The same countries, whichore dominate European business and politics, dominate the ranking of Europe’s most innovative universities. German universities account for 23 of the 100 institutions on the list, more than any other country. The United Kingdom, together with France, ranks second. Both countries have 17 universities each in the ranking. The three countries are roalso one of the country’s most populous and richestow on the continent.

Europe's Most Innovative Universities ranking was compiled for the second time by Thomson Reuters.

Sourceosource: Reuters, Jagiellonian University, PAP, fot. CC.4.0/SkyMaya/Wikimedia Commons