In 2017. In the Bialowieza Forest cut more than 93 thousand. trees

In 2017. more than 93,000 trees have been felled in the Białowieża Forest. trees

Since the beginning of the year, 111 thousand have been harvested in the three forest districts of Browsk, Hajnówka and Białowieża. 993 m six. timber – reported the State Forests. If we assume that one tree is 1.1-1.2 cubic meters of. of wood, then more than 93 thousand. trees.

According to data provided by the National Forests, the fewest trees, with a volume of 17,000. 742 m cubic. removed from the Białowieża Forest District. In turn, the largest number of trees was cut down in the Hajn Forest Districtowka, with a mass of 49 thousand. 099 m. cubic. In the Browsk Forest District, 45 thousand have been removed since the beginning of the year. 152 m cubic. timber.

As explained to PAP by Krzysztof Trębski from the press team of Lasoin the State, the vast majority of the trees removed this year were cut down for reasons ofoin safety. These were dead bark spruce.

Data released by the Forests also shows that timber harvesting in the three forest districts of the Pushcha in 2016. was almost twice lower. Throughout the year, trees were cut with a volume of 65 thousand. 736 m cubic. (Białowieża – 5 thousand. 258 m cubic.; Browsk – 31 thousand. 363 m cubic.; Hajnowka – 29 thousand. 115 m cubic.)

In 2015. 83 thousand were harvested in the Bialowieza Forest. 615 m six. wood; 2014 – more than 65 thousand. m cubic.; 2013 – more than 58,000.; 2012 – more than 50 thousand.; 2011 – more than 51 thousand.; 2010 – more than 113 thousand. m cubic. wood).

The forest on the Polish side covers more than 60 thousand. ha, of which 10 thousand. ha is the Bialowieza National Park. The Environment Ministry and foresters assure that the cuts are not being made in a national park.

Sourceosource: PAP – Science in Poland, fot. CC BY-ND 2.0/ Greenpeace Poland/Flickr