The first Polish commercial satellites will be launched by the Americans

The first Polish commercial satellites will be launched by the Americans

SatRevolution has signed an agreement with the American company NanoRacks to launch Polish commercial satellites – Swiatowid and Rusalka. The launch of the rocket with the Polish payload is planned for the end of next year.

The Sviatovid is made of a special aluminum alloy, which will make it immune to all kinds of vibrations and cosmic radiation. Rapid temperature fluctuations from minus 150 st. C. up to 300 st. C., ktoto which it will be subjected, also will not cause it much harm. Sviatovid’s weight does not exceed 2 kilogramsow. The satellite is 10 centimeters high and wideow, and its length is 20 centimeterow.

Glohe main task of the Svyatovid will be to study the level of the Earth’s magnetic field strength and to investigate changes in the magnetic and gravitational fields of our planet. The satellite will also be able to observe weather changes and phenomena occurring in the thermosphere. The data obtained by Svyatovid will be usable in meteorology, oceanography, geology and cartography.

The rocket launch with Swiatowid and two Rusalka is scheduled for September 2018. Preparations for the operation are already underway. The project is worth PLN 3 million.

– The altitude at which the satellites will eventually be located will be about 375 kilometersow. The operation will use an Antares 230 rocket, whichora – apart from launching satellitesow – will be tasked with delivering supplies to astronauts on the International Space Station – said in an interview with PAP wspolf the founder of the Wroclaw-based company SatRevolution S.A. Grzegorz Zwolinski.

Swiatowid created spoSatRevolution, whichora is a relatively young entity. It has been operating on the market since 2016. Specializes in the design and mass production of artificial satellitesow for international space agencies and other entitiesow, bothowno private, as well as public. It also conducts research work on other space technology solutions.

– The Swiatowid will be a prototype, whichory will allow us to see how much more in satellite construction technologyow we have to do, what we need to improve in it. On the basis of the experience gained while working on Swiatowid, our next satellites will be created – mowished at the beginning of this year by another of the company’s founders – Damian Fijalkowski.