Polish university has made popular science lectures available on Spotify

Polish university has made popular science lectures available on Spotify

The University of Humanities and Social Sciences, also known as SWPS University (of the School of Social Sciences and Humanities), has made its 10th lecture available on Spotifyoin popular science available to everyone. They can be found on the platform by typing in the search term „SWPS University”. Admittedly, there are several other universities on the platformow, głownie from the US, however, they only share music recommended for learning.

„The appearance of SWPS University on Spotify is another important step for us in popularizing science. For several years, we have been successfully disseminating knowledge, not only through studiesoin, but also through open lectures and workshops organized at our university, and online, via medioin the community. We believe that by having a presence on such a popular venue as Spotify, we will be able to share our knowledge with even more osob interested in personal and professional development” – reads a message on the university’s website.

SWPS University is a non-public university founded in 1996. Its mainoThe company is headquartered in Warsaw, but also has branch offices in Katowice, Poznan, Sopot and Wroclaw. The lectures made available on Spotify are dedicated to psychology and humanities.

Spotify is a streaming platform for legal music playback. The service can be used with a smartphoneow, tabletow, computerow or televisionow. Spotify is used by people from all over the world, and their number recently exceeded 100 millionoin osob and continues to grow.

But Spotify is not the only place to listen to lecturesoin popular science. This type of content is offered primarily on You Tube, where universities present their achievements on faculty channels or ogolnUniversity. Lectureow can also be listened to on iTunes U, OpenLearn or edX services, however, knowledge of English is required. It remains to wait until other Polish universities poThey are going the way of SWPS University.