Polish companies join forces and enter space mining

Polish companies join forces and enter space mining

The newly formed EX-PL consortium included the following companies: ABM Space, Cilium Engineering, Creotech Instruments S.A. and Sybilla Technologies. These are companies specializing in space robotics, asteroid observations and system integrationoin space. The consortium has wspohe Industrial Institute for Automation and Measurementsoin (PIAP) or with the team from Wroclaw University of Technology behind the space drill project – DREAM. We write more about the DREAM project in the text: Space drill flew into space.

And there is a lot to fight for. ISBNews citing Asterank reports that there are more than 500 asteroids orbiting in the solar system’s space, of which theoeach of which is worth more than 100 trillionoin the dollarow. For porownership of the US GDP in 2016 did not exceed 19 trillionow.

The beginning of the cosmic goration was to be NASA’s Asteroid Redirect Mission (ARM), ktora assumed to attract a small asteroid to the Moon’s orbit. This is one of NASA’s more ambitious missions in recent years, but US President Donald Trump did not find funding for it in NASA’s 2018 budget. But that doesn’t mean the ARM program has been completely erased. Perhaps NASA will still get into it wroci.

In space it is possible to find rich deposits of minerals rare on Earthow. This is primarily about the helium isotope Helium-3, which occurs on our planet in trace amounts, ktory can become an efficient fuel for future space missions, but also an efficient source ofoenergy. Resources such as platinum and tungsten, iridium, osmium, palladium, rhenium, rhodium, and ruthenium can be extracted from space. In the case of possible colonization missions, an important element may also be the water in space.

According to the above premises, it seems that the issue of space goThe development of such solutions is only a matter of time. Grzegorz Bron, head of Creotech Instruments, is of a similar opinion. – The outlook for the first mining missions is 20-40 years. At this time, a number of technologies and solutions must be developed, whichore such missions will enable. The consortium intends to work on just such solutions. The first, a very important project, is currently at the stage of fine-tuning detailsołow and will be wkrotce announced by the consortium – said Bron in an interview with ISBNews.

– Polish companies have placed themselves in a very convenient position in the race for future resources of strategic importance for our country. We have occupied a great niche in the space industry, ktora is not yet filled by the international giantow. It is now necessary to build the right capital on the Polish side, so that we retain this advantage,” said in turn the founder and vice president of ABM Space Mateusz Jozefowicz.