Polish satellite factory. Work is underway on the HyperSat platform

Polish satellite factory. Work continues on the HyperSat platform

HyperSat is in fact a modular and versatile satellite platform. Through the supply of rotion of various specialized equipment, it will be possible to carry out space missions with roThe process used in the development of the technology will be carried out in Poland.

Products thatore to be created in a Polish satellite factoryow will consist of interchangeable modulesow. As we read on the project’s website, in its smallest configuration the satellite will have dimensions of 30x30x10 centimetersow and weight of 10 kilogramsow. The system can be expanded to a maximum size of 30x30x60 cm and a weight of 60 kg by adding more modulesow or instrumentow.

„As part of the project planned by Creotech, a number of subsystems will be developed and prepared for integrationow of a modular satellite, a carrier structure capable of withstanding the overloads caused by the flight of the rocket, and allowing the installation of standardized componentsow using the HyperSat BUS, such as the satellite’s separation system from the rocket, on-board computer, power system and on-board battery, photovoltaic panel system, radio communication modules and antennas” – read on the project website.

The solution proposed by Creotech Instruments will make satellites much cheaper to manufacture. On top of that, there will also be nonporownanie faster to deploy and easier to operate. This is a nod to less experienced companies, whichore intend to place satellites or their constellations in space.

– We want to launch a satellite factoryow. The platform will be built based on the so-called. COTS components, or low-cost electronic modules, whichore will ensure the survivability of such a platform in space within five years. We are able to automate the processes of component manufacturingow satellites and not produce them in a single unit, but e.g. 50 copies. Time from orderoThe time it takes for the platform to be integrated into the instrument and launched, on the other hand, will not exceed nine months. This is also an important parameter, whichory makes our platform very competitive on the market – said during the conference Grzegorz Bron – president of Creotech Instruments.

„Entrepreneurs will be able to focus on designing and building the instrumentow, utility apparatus and for poFurther provision of services. They will not waste time and resourcesoIn on building satellite platforms from scratch, ktore will be the carrier for these instrumentsow. Currently there are about 1000 satellites in spaceow. There will be a rapid increase in this number over the next decade. By 2025, 9,000 new satellites are planned to be launched within dozens of satellite constellationsow. Most of these will be micro-class satellites, with a mass of 10 – 150 kg” – further reads the information made available on the venture’s website.

Representatives of the company admitted at the conference that there are already first interested in the Piaseczno-based company’s solution. Partners in the project are the Space Research Center of the Polish Academy of Sciences and the Warsaw University of Technology.